Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian Cysts

Overcome the myth about Ovarian cysts:

Ovarian cysts are a prevalent illness that affects women of all ages. It may happen to young girls as well as postmenopausal women. It happens as a result of the formation of fluid-filled sacs in the ovary.

The cysts range in size from a few millimetres to huge cysts that measure more than 20 cm. They can affect one or both ovaries. The cysts might be simple fluid-filled cysts or complicated cysts with solid components.

Numerous women get ovarian cysts at some point of time in their lives. The vast majority of ovarian cysts are painless and absolutely harmless. The vast majority of them resolve on their own within a few months without the need for medication.

Despite this, ovarian cysts, specifically those that have ruptured, can cause substantial discomfort. To protect your health, do regular pelvic exams and be aware of any signs that might suggest serious disease.

The various types of cyst are termed as follow:

  • Follicular Cyst
  • Simple Cyst
  • Endometriotic Cyst
  • Dermoid Cysts
  • Haemorrhagic Cyst
  • Cystadenomas
  • Malignant cysts


One  May Not Experience any Symptoms

The symptoms Range From:-

  • Heaviness in Lower Abdomen
  • Nausea Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Pain in Lower Abdomen
  • Pain During Intercourse
  • Pain While Passing Urine and Stools
  • Irregular and Painful Periods

When Should You See a Gynecologist?

If you are encountering any of the above symptoms or have been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst, make an appointment with your gynaecologist.

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