What is laparoscopy ?

Laparoscopy can be defined as a medical procedure of examining the surrounding areas of the uterus, abdomen and the pelvic area.

The treatment is also coined as keyhole or invasive surgery. The reason for the same is the fact that in laparoscopy only a small incision of 10mm in the navel area for the insertion of the laparoscope which is far more basic and small when compared with the open surgery.

A laparoscope is a  long and slender device consisting of a camera and light at the end through which the projections of the inside can be seen on the monitor screen.

Where is it used?

The laparoscopy procedure is used in gallbladder operations along with gynaecology operations. The procedure is conducted to diagnose any obstruction or illness in the pelvic area. The procedure is best

How to perform laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is a quick procedure conducted under the influence of local anaesthesia to avoid any sort of discomfort during the process. The procedure is initiated with an incision of a maximum of 1 cm in the navel area.

It is followed by the insertion of the laparoscope in the pelvis area through the abdomen and a tube for passing C02 along the path. The gas is passed to get a clear view of the organs and the tract.

The happenings in the abdomen are projected onto the monitor with the help of a camera in the laparoscope.

Once internals are examined, the gas is passed out and the incision is stitched right in place.

After effects

After undergoing laparoscopy, the patient is discharged usually the same day. The patient might feel a bit of pain and discomfort for a day or two and the stitches also fill up very soon. Within 2 weeks you will recover fully with resuming your daily routine two days after the surgery.

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