IUI Treatment

IUI Treatment

The prestigious Golden IVF Clinic excels in providing Best IUI Treatment in Delhi. IUI is an infertility treatment, a type of artificial insemination which stands for Intrauterine Insemination..

The process of IUI comprises a series of events initiating with the collection of best quality sperms and concludes with placing it in the uterine tract where the female eggs are already available for fertilization. The male gamete is then expected to swim through the fallopian tube resulting in embryo formation.

Dr Arushi Sethi Golden IVF has a well skilled group of experts who perform IUI Treatment in Delhi.

IUI treatment is suggested for the infertile couples who have difficulty conceiving due to various reasons. The major reasons are male infertility (low sperm count, weak movement, bad quality sperms or abnormalities in morphology), female infertility (cervical sensitivity, reduced eggs & semen allergy) and unexplained infertility.

IUI treatment is a comparatively less complex procedure as compared to IVF. To start the procedure, the sperm sample is collected from the husband, and in case of poor or no sperm count, the sample is collected from a donor. Healthy sperms are then separated and concentrated from the semen sample. A highly concentrated male gamete sample is collected by washing the semen sample, removing off all the unwanted elements and poor quality sperms.

The ovulation is monitored closely as the timing plays a crucial role in the fertilisation to happen. After diagnosing the optimum time that is 1-2 days after detecting ovulation, the male gametes are planted in the uterus. From there the male gamete flows back to the fallopian tube where a mature egg is present and eventually fertilisation occurs.

The process of IUI can take a maximum of half an hour which is carried out with perfection at Dr Arushi Sethi Clinic, providing Best IUI Treatment in Delhi. After the procedure you can get back on your daily routine with ease.

The home kit test can be taken after 14 days of the  treatment. If the test comes out to be negative, you can again try IUI before switching to any other treatment. In case of positive results visit the clinic for clinical assessment and fill lives with unlimited happiness.

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