Endometriosis Treatment

Endometriosis Treatment

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Let’s understand the Endometriosis condition first:

Endometriosis is a highly prevalent illness that affects women of reproductive age.   It is a chronic disorder that produces persistent or intermittent discomfort. The underlying uterine lining is known as the endometrium.

This endometrial tissue becomes displaced and begins to develop outside the uterus, creating symptoms of pain and discomfort. The ovary, fallopian tubes, pouch of Douglas, uterosacrals, and peritoneum are the most usually implicated locations. Endometriosis manifests itself in the ovaries as a chocolate cyst.

The symptoms are :

  • There could be a range of symptoms:
  • Dysmenorrhoea: you may experience severe pain during your periods.
  • Dyschezia  You may experience an ache when passing stool.
  • Dysuria: You may experience discomfort when you pass urine.
  • Dyspareunia can cause discomfort while having an intimate relations.
  • It is also possible to experience bloating.
  • Incapacity to imagine.
  • Chronic pelvic pain, fatigue and irritability.

Treatment options :

  • The medical management of the patient includes non-hormonal therapy
  • Non-hormonal treatments consist of painkillers to ease the discomfort.
  • Hormonal contraceptives are oral pills(they work by preventing the ovulation cycle and thus reducing the hyperestrogenic condition) tablets of progesterone, dienogest and gnrh-agonist injections
  • Intrauterine device like Mirena
  • Options for surgery include ovarian cystectomy as well as fulguration(patches of endometriosis are eliminated) of endometriotic nodules using Laparoscopy.
  • Removal of uterus(last option) Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
  • Infertility sufferers  it is recommended to undergo a thorough, thorough examination . Based on your and your husband’s profile you may be advised to undergo the procedure of intrauterine fertilization (IUI),in in vitro fertilisation(IVF) as well as intra-cytoplasmic injection of sperm
  • Preservation of fertility/social egg freezing.